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"I can't say it enough, Mariann worked a miracle with Scooby! Scooby was always very well behaved in our own spaces, but getting him out of the apartment just to take him to use the bathroom was always a nightmare. He would pull me up and down the sidewalk, he'd jump up at people, and he would never listen. Forget even trying to take him on a walk to enjoy being outside. He would be in what I like to call- crazy mode. During our meet and greet with Mariann, she got to see something where Scooby would go into fight or flight mode (something Mariann identified and explained to me) right when we got outside and would back out of his collar to run back to the door to go back inside. Not only was Mariann able to get those undesireable behaviors under control, but she was also very thorough in explaning why Scooby would exhibit those behaviors and how to counteract them. It was as much training for me as it was for Scooby.

It's been 2 months since Scooby went to WAO for the 3 week board and train program and now, Scooby walks right next to me and pays attention to me while we walk. The leash is ALWAYS loose, no tugging or pulling. Whenever I call his name he comes right to me. When walking, if I stop, Scooby stops and auto-sits, without me even giving him a command! He learned how to use good manners when playing and interacting with other dogs. He used to hump other dogs but not anymore. Just a couple weeks ago I was able to take Scooby to the beach and leave him off the leash with a bunch of other dogs and people around and we had no issues, Scooby listened to me the whole time even while playing with potential distractions all around him! He is now as confident as ever and we have Mariann to thank for that!

I had been on the fence about sending Scooby to a trainer and the only thing I can say is that I wish I had done this training sooner! I can't thank Mariann enough for the freedom she has unlocked for Scooby and me! She is extremely responsive to phone calls and text messages and still even checks in on us to make sure the training is still sticking and to see if I need any more help or pointers. If you are considering training, look no further because you have found the absolute best in the business and you can tell that she really cares! Thank you Mariann, you have truly helped us live an entirely new lifestyle that I never thought we'd be able to live!"

Stephen | Scooby
Jersey City, NJ


"I’ve came across Mariann social media about a year and a half ago. I saw all her trainings were success so I wanted to give it a try with my dog Champion who is a yellow Labrador. He is currently 3 years old and had many years of bad habits some good ones too but majority was bad. He would pull to the point where we weren’t walking we were running to try to get a grip on the leash. He would bark and we really wouldn’t want to take him out for long walks because of his behavior and the danger it was for us. He also was overweight and Mariann was a great help to Champion on his weight loss. I also learned that his excessive drool wasn’t because of heat or exhaustion but because he had anxiety to everything. After Mariann did training with him he is now enjoying more time with family we are able to have him in the living room, go on amazing walks and he enjoys it. He is able to behave without any issue. Thank you Mariann for the amazing work you’ve done with Champion we couldn’t have done it without you. Champion can finally relax and no more drooling!"

Mayra | Champion
Passaic, NJ


"Where do I even begin? My husband and I decided to get our dog, Gus, a few months ago and had NO idea how much work it would be. After about a month of crying, cursing and (failed) self-training, we knew we needed REAL help. Enter: MARIANN (and her wonderful husband, Eric). Quite simply put – Mariann saved our relationship with Gus and each other (and continues to do so daily!). Whatever magical powers she has over there REALLY work. Gus went from being a scared, seemingly aggressive, reactive puppy to a well-mannered happy part of our family. Mariann helps with everything – from resource guarding (our #1 issue) to walking properly on-leash. If there is a will, Mariann has a way. Not only are her ways effective for Gus, but she is almost like a couple’s therapist (for dog owners). She really means it when she says “lifetime” guarantee; beyond his three week training, we now send Gus 3x a week for daycare and have multiple weekends scheduled for boarding. All this to say RUN DON’T WALK to We Are One K9 Training and thank me later."

Sam & Chris | Gus
Jersey City, NJ


"Mariann is amazing! I rescued a 2 year old pitbull-mix named Duma and after 4 months with me he was getting borderline unmanageable. Walking him was a nightmare with his pulling, barking, lunging ; he was scared of children, bikes, scooters, skateboards and would lunge and bark at them which was scary for me and other people. I loved him so much but I was beginning to wonder if I wasn't being able to give him what he needs.

Reaching out to Mariann was the best thing I could do for both of us. Her methods are so thorough and thoughtful, and she really invests and incredible amount of time and care into your dog. It's so much more than teaching obedience, but she really reshapes your dog's relationship with you and the world around them to make them a calmer, more confident companion. I was nervous to have Duma in boarding for 5 weeks, but her frequent updates via text and instagram assured me he was in the best hands possible.

Now Duma is home and I can't believe this is the same dog. Walking him is the relaxing experience I was craving, and he is able to spend time alone calmly without pacing and barking in the apartment. He no longer feels the need to lunge and bark when he sees things that make him uncomfortable, and we are instead able to communicate with each other through the e-collar so that he can make better choices. I feel like Mariann's work has been able to bring out the absolute best in Duma and I'm so grateful to her. My only regret is waiting as long as I did to get started!

I can't recommend her training services enough and I'm so happy to see Duma work through his insecurities and fears, and be the dog I knew he could be."

Rhea | Duma
Jersey City, NJ


"The best decision we ever made was sending our little Prince to Mariann's training program! She kept us updated throughout the entire process and was always patient with us whenever we had questions. This was our very first time being separated from our dog for an extended amount of time (3 weeks) so at first we felt very anxious and worried about leaving him behind. However, Mariann was quick to reassure us and gave us updates through text or through her Instagram (@WeAreOneK9Training) as soon as she was able to. She is always willing to provide further clarification if needed no matter how many times you ask. She is a very genuine and understanding person who wants the best for you and your dog. Prior to her training program, he was extremely reactive (i.e. barking, lunging, growling, snarling) at humans (children, elderly, men), squirrels, cats, dogs, and birds. We couldn't take him anywhere farther than around our neighborhood for walks because we were always stressed and worried that he would have a reactive episode. Our neighborhood is home to many other dogs, so we would encounter at least one or two dogs on our walks together and at each encounter, Prince would go absolutely bonkers! Prince is now thriving after attending a three week board and train program with Mariann! She has taught us how to handle his behavior inside and outside of the house. He is no longer reactive on walks because of her wonderful training and the time and dedication that we have spent to reinforce what she taught us. We can finally bring him to places outside of our neighborhood without having to worry and stress about him having a reactive episode! We can pass by dogs, cats, birds, and humans with no trouble at all! We even brought him to Walgreens and Marshall's recently and he was wonderfully behaved! Car rides were an absolute nightmare prior to Mariann's training program as Prince was always barking, whining, and jumping around in the car unable to settle down. Now, he is able to stay in the down position with minimal whining (if any) and respects the boundaries that we have set for him. Even if he were to slip, Mariann has given us the tools and the training to be able to hold him accountable for his actions and to continue reinforcing his good behavior. We have always loved Prince despite his reactive behavior and after this training program, our love for him has grown so much more stronger! He is so well behaved and obedient that sometimes, we can't believe that he is the same dog we had around a month ago! We are so blessed to be able to have worked with Mariann! If you are considering whether or not to enroll your dog into her program, we would encourage you to do so! You will not regret it!"

Shirley | Prince
Brooklyn, NY

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