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"Mariann is an incredibly talented dog trainer and I’ve seen so many positive changes in my pup that make me want to cry with happiness.

Tonga has always been a big mush but this was hidden from many due to a fear of the outside world that caused him to bark, lunge and growl at strangers as well as go a bit crazy around other dogs. It was to the point that I was tense going outside the home because he was so emotional around everything. After spending 5 weeks in reactivity boot camp, he is so much happier, confident and relaxed - and his sweetness is finally shining for all to see! We are now going on pulling-free walks, relaxed hikes and sit outside together without both being on edge the whole time. In the house, he has been less territorial and melts into relaxation mode when he is in place or down.

Mariann is very thorough and spent time explaining everything we needed to know to communicate better with Tonga and advocate for his needs. You can tell she truly loves the dogs in her care and wants the best for them and their owners. Mariann provided the structure my dog needed to regulate his emotions, feel more comfortable and thrive in the world. I’m looking forward to keeping up all the great things we both learned and excited for the very happy life of adventure I have ahead with Tonga - thank you, Mariann!!!

If you have a reactive dog and are considering working with WAOK9, don’t think twice. It’s truly lifechanging!"

Meghan | Tonga
Highlands, NJ


"I can't say it enough, Mariann worked a miracle with Scooby!


Scooby was always very well behaved in our own spaces, but getting him out of the apartment just to take him to use the bathroom was always a nightmare. He would pull me up and down the sidewalk, he'd jump up at people, and he would never listen. Forget even trying to take him on a walk to enjoy being outside. He would be in what I like to call- crazy mode.


During our meet and greet with Mariann, she got to see something where Scooby would go into fight or flight mode (something Mariann identified and explained to me) right when we got outside and would back out of his collar to run back to the door to go back inside. Not only was Mariann able to get those undesireable behaviors under control, but she was also very thorough in explaning why Scooby would exhibit those behaviors and how to counteract them. It was as much training for me as it was for Scooby.


It's been 2 months since Scooby went to WAO for the 3 week board and train program and now, Scooby walks right next to me and pays attention to me while we walk. The leash is ALWAYS loose, no tugging or pulling. Whenever I call his name he comes right to me. When walking, if I stop, Scooby stops and auto-sits, without me even giving him a command! He learned how to use good manners when playing and interacting with other dogs. He used to hump other dogs but not anymore.


Just a couple weeks ago I was able to take Scooby to the beach and leave him off the leash with a bunch of other dogs and people around and we had no issues, Scooby listened to me the whole time even while playing with potential distractions all around him! He is now as confident as ever and we have Mariann to thank for that!I had been on the fence about sending Scooby to a trainer and the only thing I can say is that I wish I had done this training sooner!


I can't thank Mariann enough for the freedom she has unlocked for Scooby and me! She is extremely responsive to phone calls and text messages and still even checks in on us to make sure the training is still sticking and to see if I need any more help or pointers.


If you are considering training, look no further because you have found the absolute best in the business and you can tell that she really cares!


Thank you Mariann, you have truly helped us live an entirely new lifestyle that I never thought we'd be able to live!"

Stephen | Scooby

Jersey City, NJ


"Mariann truly has secret powers when it comes to dogs! Mona was adopted from a rescue organization. When I brought her home, she was hiding under the furniture, making little gremlin noises, and refused to let us touch her. She eventually was so scared she refused to go outside to potty. I worked with multiple dog trainers before who all felt Mona was hardwired to be living in fear.

Mariann was the only one we talked to who had a plan of how to work through things with Mona and felt confident in her abilities to help. And it worked! After her 5 week board and train session, Mona not only allows us to pet her but she also asks us to. She is completely house trained and follows through on all her commands. And most importantly Mariann showed me how to help Mona through her fears in the future.

I loved how transparent Mariann was through the whole process. She regularly posted Mona's progress on instagram. And at the going home sessions Mariann walked me through everything, answering all my questions and helping me feel empowered to continue Mona's training. I cannot thank Mariann enough for saving my relationship with Mona. She is now living her best puppy life!"

Christine | Mona

New Milford, NJ


"I just wanted to reach out and say how impressed I am with your instructions and training of dogs! [...] I just walked Maverick for over two hours in New York City, crossing streets, highways, walking paths with 100s of dogs with no leash! It was incredible. What a freeing and amazing experience. It's so awesome I will have so much more fun with him and he will too."

Frank | Maverick
Manhattan, NY


"We used We Are One K9 boot camp for our dog Iggy and it was THE BEST investment we've ever made. We would wake up ready to cry each morning because as sweet as Iggy is... it was a lot to deal with.

He was terrible walking, not knowing when to stop with dogs at the park who didn't want to play, and 24/7 needing attention and wanting to play at home all night despite hours at the dog park. He also was endangering himself because he was getting into cabinets and getting cleaning supplies and anything he could grab a hold off. We couldn't look away for a second.

Mariann is AMAZING and her and her team gave us the gift of sanity. Iggy is now the most well behaved dog and much happier and calmer because we are. I can't tell you how many people have asked me, "how is this the same dog?" and my reply is always Mariann is the best! I have given out WAOK9 referrals to all these people and highly recommend their services. Thank you guys for giving us back our lives and a really happy pup."

Beth & Lauren | Iggy

Jersey City, NJ

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