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Mariann is the owner and head trainer at We Are One K9 Training. From a young age, she has always had a deep connection with dogs and has been fascinated by their behavior and communication system. Mariann's passion for dogs led her to pursue a career as a dog trainer, and she has since become an expert in her field. She is known for her patient, gentle approach to dog training, which emphasizes owner’s education and building trust and mutual respect with the animals. She has helped countless dog owners improve their relationships with their pets and overcome behavioral issues, such as leash reactivity and general anxiety. Mariann is a dedicated and skilled dog trainer who is deeply committed to helping dog owners and their pet dogs live happy, healthy lives together.

Mariann is certified in pet CPR and first aid, and she continues educating herself by traveling to attend shadow programs and seminars all over the country.

We Are One K9 Training is fully insured.

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