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It is more of a mindset training that also includes off leash (e-collar) basic obedience training. Teaching and rewarding wanted behavior and shaping and stopping unwanted behavior. Balanced Family Dog Training is a relationship and permission based training approach that is built on clear communication as well as mutual trust and respect. What does it mean? It means that your dog will work for YOU, your love, attention, and affection rather than food only. You and your dog become a team, and new adventures will open up for you.

What is Permission Based Obedience Training?

Your dog will learn that he/she only allowed to do things when you give permission to it. Simple like that! For instance, when you want your dog to lay down and stay on one particular spot indoor or outdoor while you're chatting with friends at a cafe or doing chores at home, your dog will stay on that exact spot and be CALM until you say otherwise. Sounds cool, isn't it?!


I use the dog's daily food, praise, affection, prong collar, e-collar, long line, slip lead, crate, muzzle, and an elevated dog bed.

I prefer using raised pet beds as opposed to regular dog beds because of the clear, defined boundary, setting the dog up for success.

I also use marker words such as ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘GOOD’, obedience commands, spatial and social pressure, body language, gestures, and my energy.

All tools I use has one purpose in common: providing a clear and consistent communication between dog and human.


The E-collar is a communication device that has a unique language that dogs AND their owners equally understand. Creating clear communication that is sustainable and easily adaptable for the average dog owner is our first priority and the E-collar allows me to transfer leadership to the owner.

First, we find the LOWEST level that the dog in training feels and teach what the sensation means and how they can turn it off.

Then we layer each obedience command with the e-collar and practice until the dog has a clear understanding about what to do when they hear a command without any leash guidance.

Then we add distraction, duration, and distance to the training, and proofing each commands and dogs’ calm mindset in all kinds of real life situations and environments to generalize the commands and deepen their understanding of what’s expected from them. This is how we create off-leash reliable dogs.

E-collar training brings so many new opportunities to your life where you can truly enjoy your dog: fun journeys, off-leash hiking, reliable recall, freedom, calmness on command, and an improved relationship with your dog.

We use the highest quality E-collar on the market from E-collar Technologies Inc. The E-collar uses the same technology as the TENS Unit (google it!) which is used in physical therapy to treat all kinds of pain. It is 100% safe and waterproof and it will NOT electrocute or shock the dog! It can be used during swimming and in the rain.

It also has a built in flashlight as well as a tone feature. We teach a Tone Recall to dogs so they can be recalled from a great distance without shouting at them. It has 1/2 mile range.


Currently, we're NOT taking any working and/or herding breeds and their mixes. If you're not sure about which group your dog belongs to or your dog is a mix then either message us and we'll help you figure it out or go to website and search for your breed(s).


For starters, I need you to understand and be 100% comfortable with our training techniques, methods and tools we use. My goal is to help, teach and guide you in order to reach your dog training goals. I need you to listen to me just like you want your dog to listen to you.

Clear communication, trust and mutual respect are key in a dog trainer-dog owner-dog relationship as well. We are a team, WE ARE ONE!

If your dog has any behavioral issues, first of all I need you to recognize and accept that there is a problem.

Regardless of where this behavior or your dog comes from there are certain behavior patterns that cannot be allowed to continue!!​

IT'S NOT A PICK AND CHOOSE APPROACH! Most of the behavior problems your dog is displaying are symptoms or side effects of an underlying MINDSET issue. We look at the whole dog and solve all behavior problems to make the result you're looking for permanent.

YOUR WHOLE FAMILY needs to work together as a team! If there is a new rule or routine your whole family has to respect it otherwise the training won’t be successful.

EVERY FAMILY MEMBER has to agree and keep up with all rules, boundaries, structure, and put the effort in your dog’s training. Without it, you’ll be wasting your time and money and you’ll be disappointed and frustrated – again.

Sending mixed and confusing signals to your dog will slow down, mess up or even ruin the whole training process. We make adjustments for your entire family, not only for one dog. You cannot expect any change from your dog if you don't change anything.

Keep in mind, having a dog is a life long commitment and dog training is happening around-the-clock even when you’re not actively doing it. Leadership, structure, consistency, practice and clear communication via E-collar!

Follow-up is mandatory but at the same time we also want you to have fun and success with your dog.

Having a well-behaved dog opens up new opportunities when you can enjoy your dog’s company.

You’ll be able to do new things, include your dog in different activities, go to new places without worrying about your dog’s behavior. These events are great opportunities to work on things with your dog.

Your relationship with your dog will improve tremendously once you start working through situations that give you or your dog a hard time instead of tiptoeing around or avoiding them.

We are here to support you during and after the training through your dog’s lifetime. Your success is our success. WE ARE ONE!


Great question! First, I want you to follow us on Instagram where we upload updates on your dog's journey daily. This way you will be a part of the whole training process and you can start your hands on sessions all prepared.

The beginning of the training programs aka Phase 1 is all about establishing clear communication, building food drive and engagement/focus, and setting boundaries and rules that your dog will live by every day all day. They will learn all basic obedience commands on leash and they will be introduced to the E-collar.

During Phase 2 we focus on transitioning your dog from leash to off leash and proofing all commands around all kinds of distractions. At the end of the second week you, the owner will join us and start learning about the WAOK9 Lifestyle and proper use of tools.

Phase 3 is all about proofing your dog's behavior and well manners in real life settings. Your dog will go on field trips to public places such as parks, pet friendly stores and patio cafes, and work around high, real life distractions. At the end of the third week, you will join us again and learn how to work on your relationship with your dog and what it takes to keep your dog's off leash skills reliable and state of mind calm. At the end of this session you will take your dog home. Your third hands on session takes place the next day in the park or pet friendly store to complete the transition and your training program.


As dog training is mainly about educating and coaching dog owners, I believe that it is crucial for all of us to be on the same page. The Meet & Greet is a great way for me to connect with dog owners and get to know their dogs prior to any formal training. I get to see a glimpse of the big picture behind any behavior issues which helps me create a customized training plan for each dog and their families. I walk owners through the whole training process and talk about how to get lasting results with their dogs.

It is also a great opportunity for dog owners to get to know me as well as all training tools and methods we are going to use during and after their dog's training. They get to touch and feel a prong collar and ecollar so they get to get comfortable with using these tools as well as understand why and how they will use them.

And last but not least, the Meet & Greet is very helpful for dogs too as by the time we start working they won't see me as a complete stranger which instantly puts less pressure on them. Win-win!


Continuous support plays a HUGE part of your success with your dog after training with us. That is why we strive to provide one of the best Board & Train follow up support in the country. All of our Board & Train programs include several hours of hands-on training sessions split into multiple days where we go over anything from leash handling to off leash commands, advocacy and accountability, and everything in between.

After your initial hands-on training session(s) there is a ONE FULL YEAR of follow up support available in the form of additional hands-on follow up sessions, virtual coaching sessions, and UNLIMITED phone, text, video chat, and email support for life.

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